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Transfer to Mangalore

Lord is my Shepherd God’s favor upon our job transfers – Testimony

Loving greetings to you in Jesus name. I thank God for his love and concern towards my family. I am Allen from India, working for a software company. My wife Sobha is working for a Government Bank.

Earlier we had asked you to pray for us. Our God answered our prayers and gave us a son, five years after our marriage, on March 6th, 2001, through his creative miracle working power. Beyond Doctor’s reports, statements and predictions, God gave us a perfectly normal child in normal delivery. Since God has given a perfect gift and restored peace & happiness in our family life, we have named him “Darin Jeff”. (Darin – meaning God’s precious gift and Jeff – meaning ‘Our God is a God of Peace’).

Our God once again proved that he is a prayer answering God. This time HE has miraculously given us job transfer in one city and thus has brought our family together. I asked you to pray for this, a few months back. (Due to our jobs, earlier we were working in two different places in India.). Along with prayer warriors you prayed for us. Our God has answered our prayers in a different way. Our God is a God of impossibilities. Read below our testimony.

In the beginning of February, Sobha availed her 6 months maternity leave and went to her mother’s house for delivery. By God’s grace, at the same time I got a better job and I joined my new company at Mangalore. (Earlier both of us were working in Mumbai and living together for five years.)

I thought my wife will get job transfer to Mangalore easily, and so after 6 months of her maternity leave, we can live together in Mangalore. She had applied for transfer to Mangalore.

But, all our expectations and plans went wrong. When we enquired, we found

1. The bank is not having branch in Mangalore, only the banks training center is located there. So there was no suitable post for my wife.

2. Also, There was no vacancy in the Mangalore training center. They had surplus staff.

3. Also, None of the employees working in Mangalore training center had applied for transfer. So absolutely no chance.

4. To worsen the situation, another three people also had applied for getting transfer to Mangalore from other locations. So, my wife, Sobha, had no chance of getting job transfer.

We prayed, “Lord, Being with us, you united us together. Now we see all the doors closed and in this impossible situation do a miracle and open a way for us, to live together”.

The bank transfer results were published in the end of May. Sobha did not get transfer. But, surprisingly except Sobha, the other three who had applied for transfer got transferred to Mangalore. We were totally upset. Because, now the situation has got much more worsened; since, three people got transferred there, the possibility of getting transfer for the next few years is also gone. We worried about our future. Because, it will be difficult for Sobha to take care of the 5 months old boy, all alone in Mumbai. We prayed fervently and believed in the wonderworking power of our God. Because, we know our God has solution for all problems. And nothing is impossible for Him.

With much prayer, Sobha again applied for transfer. When the bank released its final transfer list in June, Sobha’s name was not found in the Mangalore transfer list. But to complicate the entire situation, she was given conditional transfer to Bangalore. Conditional transfer means, transfer only for 3 years, that too without any transfer benefits. Mangalore and Bangalore are again far from each other (around 9 hours bus journey).

If Sobha accepts the transfer, she cannot request for transfer, for the next three years. If she is not accepting the transfer, again, there is no hope of getting transfer to Mangalore for another few years, as it is already over staffed. We prayed to God, “Lord, it seems, all that are happening are against us. We are absolutely helpless. Lord, You come and help us”.

In my office, it is impossible to get transfer. Because, I joined only in this February and still in probationary period. Usually during the probationary period the employees are not eligible for request transfer. Also, the transfer policy of our company is very strict. But still, I prayed and then submitted my transfer request to my higher authorities. I promptly received negative reply from them. But, they considered my request for discussion in the transfer committee meeting. I know, In fact, many of my colleagues, including senior people tried their level best for getting transfer to Bangalore, but were not given transfer. Many of them go once in a week to Bangalore, to join their family.

Our God made the transfer committee to take a favorable decision especially for me after their daylong discussion. (After this decision, the transfer committee changed the transfer policy and made it more stringent) Thus, wonderfully by God’s grace I got transfer to Bangalore. God has made an impossible thing in to a possible one. Mark:10:27: With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible. Luk:1:37: For nothing is impossible with God.

My friends and colleagues are telling me that I am fortunate and lucky to get transfer. I glorify God saying, Well, I am definitely fortunate, because my help comes from the Lord the maker of heavens and the earth.

We again prayed “Lord, if this is your doing then, why Sobha should get conditional transfer without any benefits. Lord you do a miracle and change this conditional transfer to a normal transfer. Because, Bible says in James 5 “Every good gifts and the perfect gifts comes from the Lord”.

Our loving God again proved his mighty power and graciously did a miracle. The Bank’s transfer committee changed previous conditional transfer order and declared, Normal transfer to Sobha, in the last moment’. How wonderfully God has changed the impossible thing in to a possible one!

One more: Lord has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecc 3:11

Though my company approved my transfer request, the transfer date was not fixed. My higher authorities told me, “We will not fix the transfer date now, but only after the company’s external audit”. So I prayed “Lord, you fix up my transfer in an appropriate time. Bible says, Lord has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecc 3:11

Later, after the CMM external audit, I was relieved from Mangalore on 28th July. My higher authorities fixed this date. Oh! What a (coincidence) wonderful way our God is doing things; On July 28th Sobha’s maternity leave also got over. So God made us to go together to Bangalore and to settle there in the Bank quarters.

Dear Friend, I know, God has done all these wonderful things to me, not because of my righteousness. But because of his abounding love and grace. Ps 18:32 It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.

If you are going through such impossible situations in your life (or) if your life in a mess (or) if you fear about your future (or) if you think all the doors before you are closed (or) if you think you are at the end of the road, my friend, I have a good news for you. Our God is a God of impossibilities. He can make it possible for you. He has solution for all complex problems. He can definitely change your tears of sorrows into tears of joy.

What you have to do is, “Commit your ways to the Lord and trust in Him”, “Cast your burdens unto him”, “Handover the problem solving task to Him” and most importantly “Start Loving Him with all your heart”. (Our loving God will definitely fulfill the hearts desires of His lovers). Bible Says ,”In all things God works for the good of those who love him…. ” Romans 8:28.

Earlier I had sent my prayer request to Answers2Prayer e-daily and was published in the Prayer Request column on 10th April. That prayer request is attached below.

Your Loving Brother-in-Christ, ALLEN

– —-Original Message—– From: Answers2Prayer

Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2001 3:09 AM To: Subject: Try to challenge the smaller rigid lines of our life

Prayer Requests: Dear Bro/Sister in-Christ,Please pray for, my wife to get job transfer, to Mangalore.My name is Allen, from India. My wife is Sobha, working in a National Bank, at Mumbai, India. In the month of February 2001, I got a better in a software company at Mangalore, India and so I shifted to Mangalore, from Mumbai. In the same month, Sobha went to her mother’s house (Trivandrum), in Maternity leave. On March 6th our God blessed us, miraculously with a baby boy, after 5 years of our married life.Sobha has applied for transfer to her Mangalore office. This week, the bank is going to release the transfer list. The result will decide whether we are going to stay together, for the next year or not. In the present situation, it will be very difficult for her to stay alone, with the baby.But it seems, getting transfer is very difficult and is almost impossible.

1. The Mangalore office is a small one with only 8 employees working.2. There is neither any post vacancy, nor they need any more.3. None of the Mangalore employees are now eligible for transfer.(completed < 5 yrs in this office).4. Still, three others are trying, for transfer to Mangalore.5. One among the three, is asking for transfer to Mangalore, for the last few years.(Priority)6. Another one person is having more valid and genuine reason for transfer.(Priority)7. The other person is having high influence from the top officials of the Bank. His father was top official in the bank.8. Sobha, just completed 5 years and just eligible for transfer, and have no influence.9. Sobha’s friends in the transfer department are saying, it is impossible to get transfer.

In this situation, we are praying for transfer. I believe, My God can definitely do it. My God is a god of impossibilities. (I have got a child now, earlier Doctors said it is impossible to get Child. When we stopped all treatments and fully depended on Him, He did a creative miracle). So I know who my God is.I am not compelling God for this. Because, He knows what is good for us. His plans are higher than our plans. His plans are to prosper us and not to harm us.Please support me in my prayers and pray for His will to be done. LET HIS WILL BE DONE.Thanks for your prayers. God bless you abundantly. Regards,

ALLEN (Received on August 11, 2001)