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Walking Again!

Hi friends,

Here is great news! After struggling for more than six months in the wheel chair, God has blessed me to be on my feet again. Praise the Lord, as he is full of mercy! I can now walk down to the bath room with the support of my mum and dad. I know each of you were praying for me and I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you. You are in my heart!

I would have written to each of you individually but for the paucity of time. As you are aware, I am preparing for my Secondary School Certificate exam, which is due in Oct 02. As I had discontinued my studies eight years back, I find it very difficult to cope up with this home study course. I depend upon the Lord for guidance.

When you get some messages forwarded by me, please do remember that you are in my prayers. I will write individual letters, as soon as I find some time.

I know you will continue to pray for me even without my asking, because you are my friend indeed! With your prayers, I am sure that our Lord will touch and heal me completely.

With lots of love and prayers, Your friend for ever, Jithin Jose (Received on Sunday April 28, 2002)