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The Salvation Prayer — English

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Behold, now is the accepted time; 
behold, now is the day of SALVATION
2 Corinthians 6:2

Please repeat this prayer out loud and from your heart:

Father in heaven,  
I come to you in the name of Jesus.  
I believe that Jesus is your only begotten Son.  
I believe that His name is the only name on heaven and earth by which I can be saved.

I believe that you sent Him for me.
I believe that He died for me.
I believe that His blood covers all of my sins .
And I repent and turn away from my evil past.

Lord Jesus, I give you now ,
All of my heart ,
And all of my life.

I make you boss of my life,
From now on I’m doing things your way!
Come into my life now Lord Jesus and
Fill me with your Spirit .
Please make me a new creation!  

Let it now be known ,
That I am a Christian!  
Let it now be known , 
That I am born-again!  
I am saved ,
I’ve got the victory!
I am free,
I am alive forevermore!
Heading for heaven !
Denying hell ! 

Let it now be known ,
That I am a child of God .
Thank you Jesus !
Thank you Lord ! 
Fill me now with your Holy Spirit .
Make my life a testament ,
To your saving grace.  

In Jesus Mighty Name  

Hallelujah!  You are saved!  Welcome to the family of God!  

Now that you are Saved….!

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We would like to pray for you and send you some free information to help you in your new Christian walk.  Praise God, you are an answer to prayer.

God bless you my friend!

Lyn Chaffart
Director, Altar Ministry   To contact me click here

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; 
knock and the door will be opened to you’ Matt 7:7