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Why Are My Prayers Not Answered?

I remember one of the first times when I went to Happy Ralphs, a beautiful park for migratory birds flying over our Niagara Peninsula. As I was walking down the hill with my family, I noticed a beautiful small river and was attracted to the beauty on the other side. I wanted to admire God’s handy work closer and was wondering how I could cross the river. I looked all around me and found no solution. How would I be able to go across without getting wet?

All of a sudden I noticed some movement on the other side of the little river. My kids had somehow succeeded to find a way to cross over! How was that possible? I asked for their help and immediately they showed me that a little bit further up, there were enough stones in the river to cross it safely!

I had thought at first there was no way to reach my goal! No one was out there to help me. No one would be able to help me! In reality I was the one who was hindering myself to reach my goal as I had limited my vision to my immediate environment. If I had looked a little bit further up, I would have found the solution to my dilemma.

How often are we not our own worst enemy. We limit God in His answers to us and often neglect to recognize His helping hand.

This leads me to the following question: What are some hindrances that could hinder us to obtain divine healing? Just like myself being blinded in finding a path across the river, are there some hindrances that are in our way to be blessed by God’s healing power? Let us turn to God’s Word, our only source of truth for direction. Check out these posts:

Hindrance 1: Testing God’s Ability.

Hindrance 2: Wanting signs more than God’s promises.

Hindrance 3: Trusting doctors more than God.

Hindrance 4: Sinning against God.

Hindrance 5: Unconfessed sins involving others.

Hindrance 6: Unforgiveness.

Hindrance 7: Fear.

Hindrance 8: Focusing on Circumstances and Symptoms.

Hindrance 9: Looking for healing instead of divine health.

Hindrance 10: Our time on earth is over.

Hindrance 11: Disregarding your body.

Hindrance 12: Impatience.

Hindrance 13: Not building up your faith.

Hindrance 14: Lack of Prayer and fasting.

Hindrance 15: Lack of understanding Christ’s atonement.

Hindrance 16: Ignoring God’s ministries in the church.

Hindrance 17: Not believing in God’s Promises.