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Bible Studies: Getting to Know Him

Getting to know Him:

“Getting to Know Him” is a three-part series of bible studies designed for this ministry that enable the reader to obtain a detailed knowledge of Jesus, what He accomplished here, why He did it, and to help the reader develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Would you like to know more about our Lord and Savior? Would you like to know if Jesus is your Savior beyond the shadow of a doubt? Would you like to have the certainty that the Bible is really God’s Word? Would you like to experience God personally in your life? My suggestion, take our free online Bible course. It’s available online to peruse at your leisure.

If you have questions feel free to contact Lyn, our Bible Study Coordinator.

  • Can You Believe the New Testament?
    • The purpose of this study is to discover how reliable the New Testament books are. The verdict will be yours to make.
  • Jesus, a Fraud, a Lunatic or the Messiah?
    • Who was Jesus Christ? Were his claims true? Was he really who he said he was? Is their any way to verify who he truly was? Who do you think Jesus really was? Was he a liar (pretending to be someone that he truly was not)? Was he a lunatic (truly believing he was someone that he was not and deserving to be locked up in an institute)? Or was he the one he proclaimed to be?
  • Basking in God’s Unfailing Love, An Open Invitation to Experience God Personally
    • To a world gone mad, trying to get to know Jesus may seem foolish. However if you give Him a try, you will desire to get to know Him more and more at the deepest level possible. His relationship with you will be more precious compared to any other human relationships out there. Enjoy getting to know Him.

What our participants have to say about “Getting to know Him”

Greetings from behind the confines of prison. I’ve just read the lit. you’ve sent me and let me tell you it is mind blowing!!! From these pages I’ve learned so much! You blew the mind of those who fellowship with me – even Dan, who knows all there is to know about the Scriptures! He’s an anti-abortion activist and a very cool know-it-all. The material we’ve received thus far is basic, even elementary. Yours was right-on-time! I’m stoked! On fire and you have kindled it! Thank you. Walter G Beach III

“I am learning a lot from these lessons. They are enjoyable too.” Jabulani Mtetwa

“Doing great. The studies have help sooo much.” Shasta

“The studies you send are very good.. especially if one doubts.” Asenta, India

“The Studies are excellent and they give insight to the validity of the Bible.” Lyju, India

“Your studies are of unspeakable value to me. A few months ago I questioned the existence of God. I asked a couple of people I work with now if they believed that there is a God. They were very skeptical, and said that it there was a God, that he had some answering to do. I remember that during that time I felt I needed something to hold onto. If there was no God then I’d better get a tree to hold onto because I needed that peace of mind. I felt empty and lost, like drifting in space…. I will not ever question the existence of God again.” Shirley, South Africa

“The study lessons you are sending me are very, very useful to me. I sincerely thank your ministry. I feel, that you have done Bible research, for me. You have put a lot of effort in this, for me. I feel, I have saved several years, because of you. The study gave me a clear understanding about where I stand (foundation). It has given me more boldness and strength, after knowing the truth, that I am standing in a solid foundation. I still wonder, How god miraculously, made you send this wonderful, precious research study, to me.

When I found this Bible Study useful and very informative, I told two of my Friends (Asenta & Satesh Edwin), about this Bible study. They are also now receiving your Bible Study. They thanked me several times, after reading your Bible Study lessons, for introducing about this Bible Study to them.

Today really I was surprised to know that this Bible study is going to only 25 Students like me. I thought, it is going to thousands of people around the world. I am happy to know, I am a privileged person to learn this study and sorry to know that several people are missing this. Please do sent this research truths to all “Answers to Prayers” Subscribers.” Allen, India

This is good stuff! Thank you very much and may God help you to continue to spread his Word and thus educate we the “simple” and confound the “wise”. Cf. 1 Corinthians 1:18-21 Thanks and God bless!” Mmusho 

“Thank your very much for the very informative and persuasive bible study. My understanding of the case for Christ has been bolstered firmly.

I am using the material to guide my church youth group for which I am the Adviser. Remember the first material on how to study the bible you sent me? That too has proved a map in the search and understanding of God.” Jabulani Mtetwa 

I want to thank you so much for that study. It was such a concise, practical, understandable history of Jesus and the Christian beginnings – I sent it to my two unbelieving sons and asked them please as a favor to me to read it (though long) with an open mind. Actually, since it is my birthday tomorrow, I asked them to read it as a favor to me and as their birthday present to me – my youngest son, Steve, would probably give in to such an appeal but right now my oldest son, Chris, is very angry with me and he will probably just hit the d key. Please pray for this effort. And thanks again for this study. I want to keep it in my file. In Jesus Grip, Sharon Warden 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed all the Bible Studies you have done. I never actually sat down and thought of the cost of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. I now have more information at my disposal when leading people to a deeper understanding of what the Lord actually did for me. My whole family have done all the studies. Even my mother enjoyed them though asked me why it was so important to me to know more about the background to the life of Christ. She just accepted what the Bible said and that was that. However after the studies she remarked that it is wise to delve into the background of the Bible because it “extends your brain.” Thank you so much. Are there any other studies that we can do?

God bless you in your ministry

Yours in Christ