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What Does the Bible Say About … SELF FORGIVENESS?

Can I ever forgive myself? When Peace Like a River Grief affects people in different ways. Some grow closer to their family members, others push those close to them away because of their perspective of the circumstances.I found myself at odds with my cousin after the...

What Does the Bible Say About … FORGIVING THE UNFORGIVEN?

If God does not forgive someone, why should I consider forgiving that person? This is a very interesting question and seems completely logical. However, one needs to ask oneself: "Are there ever times when God does not forgive?"Let us open God's Scriptures to find the...

What Does the Bible Say About … FORGIVENESS AFTER SIN?

How can I be forgiven after having sinned so much? Backing Out With a Long BangFirst of all, if you are asking yourself this question, you are not lost beyond hope. It's those who aren't even wondering about such things who are heading for disaster.The Good News...

What Does the Bible Say About … FORGIVING THOSE WHO HAVE HURT ME?

How Can I Forgive Others Who Have Hurt Me So Much? Don't Tread on Me!In the early days of United States history, many official flags carried the symbol of a rattlesnake, with the warning, "Don't tread on me". The early Marine Corps battle drums flag, as well as the...

What Does the Bible Say About … SAMSON and FORGIVENESS?

Was Samson forgiven of his many failures? Samson started on the right track, accomplishing great things with God's power. But he dabbled with danger, playing games with Delilah that led to his downfall. Finally he repented and God restored his strength - though it...