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What Doess the Bible Say About … JESUS VISITING HELL?

Did Jesus visit hell when He died? First of all, may I encourage you to read the answers to last week's question: According to the Bible are there two different kinds of hell? To be found at: Last week we discovered that people do...

What Does the Bible Say About … PURGATORY?

Is purgatory Biblical? The notion of purgatory was created because it was felt that some people on this planet were neither good, nor bad. God had to give them another chance through the purification ritual of the purgatory. However, that notion is not Biblical at...

What Does the Bible Say About … HELL and the UNSAVED?

When unsaved people die, do they go into hell as soon as they die? The question here is about when does the unsaved go to hell, not about the duration of hell. I will try to refrain myself in just answering the question asked.There are two schools' of thoughts on...

What Does the Bible Say About … DIFFERENT KINDS OF HELL?

According to the Bible, are there two different kinds of hell? To find the answer to this question, we need to understand what the Bible has to say concerning what happens when someone dies. We will first look into the Old Testament and then to the New Testament and...