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lighthouse (Peggy's Cove, east coast Canada).
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What Does the Bible Say About … The ANTICHRIST?

Would you give me your thoughts about who might be the antichrist? The word antichrist from the Greek word antichristos means “against Christ” or “instead of Christ” in the sense of someone or some power who opposes the work of Christ, signifying a person or power who...

What Does the bible Say About … The NATIONALIZATION of ISRAEL?

How does the nationalization of Israel fit into Bible prophecy, and how does it affect Christians today? Answers from our Messianic friends: Why I Chose the Path of Aliyah to Israel Many people ask why I live in Israel. It was difficult enough for some to understand...

What Does the Bible Say About … WAR at the END of TIME?

The Bible says "wars and rumors of wars". Does that mean the world will end in war? I like to compare our relationship with our Heavenly Father with our earthly parents. When I was young, my parents generally knew before I asked for anything, what my interests were...