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lighthouse (Peggy's Cove, east coast Canada).
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Jesus, a Fraud, a Lunatic or the Messiah?

Who was Jesus Christ? Were his claims true? Was he really who he said he was? Is their any way to verify who he truly was? Who do you think Jesus really was? Was he a liar (pretending to be someone that he truly was not)? Was he a lunatic (truly believing he was someone that he was not and deserving to be locked up in an institute)? Or was he the one he proclaimed to be?

Basking in God’s Unfailing Love

To a world gone mad, trying to get to know Jesus may seem foolish. However if you give Him a try, you will desire to get to know Him more and more at the deepest level possible. His relationship with you will be more precious compared to any other human relationships out there. Enjoy getting to know Him