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What Does the Bible Say About … The DEFINITION of TRUTH?

What is truth? What is the truth?  It is not a church, it is not a doctrine.  The truth is a person. John 14:6:  “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’” Jesus is the embodiment of God's Word. John...

What Does the Bible Say About … TRUTH? Part 1

What is Truth? In this technologically-advanced world, we find ourselves often mystified by the amount of knowledge available to us. We thought that computers would simplify our lives and lessen our burden of work. How wrong we were! Now we have become specialists of...

What Does the Bible Say About … TRUTH? Part 2

What is truth? A Hole of ThunderIt was Sunday, August 23, 2009. A fierce Hurricane, Hurricane Bill, pounded the coast of Mount Desert Island, in the state of Maine. Despite the inclement conditions, tourists came in droves to hear the resounding BOOMS that...

What Does the Bible Say About … TRUTH? Part 3

What is truth? This Way!In this world where confusion reigns, we can easily get lost. Even more so if we rely on our own understanding, as more often than not, what we will be facing won't make any sense anyway!"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on...

What Does the Bible Say About … TRUTH? Conclusion

What is truth? Pemaquid Point. What is Truth? Part 4We were searching for Whaleback Shell Midden in Maine, a dump from earlier times consisting of thrown-away shells, bones, broken ceramic pots, and stone tools. It was mentioned in our tour book, but none of the...