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lighthouse (Peggy's Cove, east coast Canada).
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Answered Prayers: Cranial Problems

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Fractured Skull

Joshua Minter was 4 weeks old when he fell out of his swing and fractured his skull. Doctors weren’t too optimistic and suspected brain damage. "I'm sorry I haven't given you this praise report sooner. Joshua was in ICU at the hospital comatose and the doctors said he...

Horse Riding Incident

Hello Brothers and Sisters, Back in December I put a brother in Christ on the prayer chain. To refresh your memory his named is Chad Baker and he had severe brain injuries from a horse riding accident. The doctor's said if he survived that he would never go home. He...

Leaking Spinal Fluid

I spoke to my friend Ellen on Saturday and she said her daughter Toni had the MRI done on Fri. and she had been having these horrible headaches (she had a back operation 3 weeks ago and she was leaking spinal fluid), the headaches are gone and her back stopped leaking...

Traumatic Brain Injury

I was Born-Again back on April 23, 1996 when I was in a motorcycle accident that cause me to go into a deep coma for over 3 months. While I was in this coma I remember coming up to these 2 Big Doors, seeing a bunch of people just floating in space behind them, but not...