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lighthouse (Peggy's Cove, east coast Canada).
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Answered Prayers: Eye Problems

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Night Vision

Last week during church service there was a healing service. Although I did not come forward for any healing, I went up front to lay my hands and pray for those needing healing. After praying for them, pastor Youngren asked the congregation that we lay hands on one...

Eye Surgery

Jean needed eye surgery, but her health insurance would not cover the expenses. A miracle happened after a few weeks of waiting."As you all know, the eye surgery finally took place on Tues morning, and as for that day, other than the doctor teasing me about snoring...

Cornia Problems

"I just spoke with John, the young man who was in a helicopter accident while performing a military practice routine. He said that many Pastors have come to visit him. Thank You God For Your Faithfulness! And-this is the big Praise Report of Miraculous healing in his...